What it is email fake service?

Service allows you to open access to millions of email addresses. You can use these email addresses to register on any sites.

Do I need register to get access?

No need.

Do I need a password to login?

No need.

How long the mail stored on a server?

Unlimited time until someone delete it.

Can I send mail to a fictional address?

Yes you can send email to any address that is served by this service.

Can I send mail from this site?

No! To prevent spam, this feature is not availableю

If necessarily to be online to get the letter?

No! You can visit the site at any time and check your mailbox for new messages.

Is it free?

Yes! All functions completely free.

Who can read emails?

It's available to anyone who has any access to the Internet.

How do I check the mailbox?

Just go to the page of your mailbox and wait for a new message. All messages are loaded automatically and do not need to restart the page.